Working on: Child’s Sailor Outfit

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been lazily sewing a child’s outfit for myself, cribbed from a couple different influences/patterns/ideas I’ve had floating around and some work from my FIT class Haute Couture Sewing Techniques. I had this really nice woven crepe that I bought from Fabscrap a little while ago and I wanted to…

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Sewing Rudi Gernreich’s Kabuki Dress

Two years ago I attended my first Current Affair vintage show in New York. Current Affair happens twice a year in each city it’s based in (New York, SF, LA) and some 200 vintage sellers come together in a convention space to sell in one place. Sellers really bring out some of their most exciting…

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Buying a Sewing Machine

I get asked pretty often how to buy a first sewing machine, how to find patterns, etc, so I’ll be writing a few posts with what I generally say in response to these questions. There are a lot of blogs out there that explain how to pick a sewing machine, and I actually really enjoyed…

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